Tips on Using Facebook for Business

Using Facebook for Business

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Tips for Using Facebook for Business.

Facebook is the social networking juggernaut of the times. The number of potential people you can reach using Facebook is astronomical. There are Using Facebook for Businessseveral ways in which Using Facebook for Business can grow your business. Facebook can even help your website, store , or blog. This article will break it all down for you. For an example page, check out mine here.

First lets be clear, that Facebook doesn’t like you direct linking to a store or Affiliate link. So, you have to send the traffic to a page you create. Facebook Pages is where you can create a portal between your website and Facebook. It is possible with some elbow grease to build up a ton of free traffic. You may also have to get creative. For more on getting a website, see may article here.

If you have other social sites like YouTube and Twitter, you can link everything together, and post articles to everything at the same time. In addition, social back-links are necessary for SEO. Creating an online presence across social networks will grow your SEO and traffic simultaneously.

I have seen some businesses use contests and give-a-ways to promote their business. If you combine that with a squeeze page, you can continue to market to an ever growing traffic source with people who tend to want to see what you have to offer. Though this method may get you more traffic, I am not sure it is better traffic.

Target your Audience

It is better to use Facebook to go after the people that need what you have to offer. You do this through several methods when using Facebook for business.

  1. using facebook for businessSearch Facebook by interest and hobbies. put in keywords that are related to your product and / or service. Especially public groups. However, I wouldn’t ignore the closed groups either. Join as many as you can, and get into discussions. People are normally curious, especially if you seem to know what you are talking about, and they will check out your profile. Always post as your page, and not from your personal profile. This way they will go to your page to see what the deal is.
  2. Have your friends share it on their walls. That may not net you a lot of traffic. Depending on how awesome your niche is, it could very well generate a ton of traffic. After all, if your friends and family needed your help to spread the word, wouldn’t you share it?
  3. Make new friends. Start making friends with similar interests to what it is you are marketing. Then as you write articles and share it to your profile, those friends will likely check it out. Organic targeted traffic is the best converting traffic period.

Pay to Play

The last method is to pay for advertising on Facebook. Any post you make, Facebook will give you offers to promote your post. Save this method for posts that are directly targeted to a specific audience with a call to action to buy a particular product or promotion. I would highly recommend not using the paid promotions for general articles. The reason being, for the price per campaign, you need a great conversion rate on high dollar items to break even over the cost per click. So if one of your affiliate sites is running a 24 hour sale on a really hot item, then take that time to put a great promotion together.

Paid traffic is easier to connect with the buyers you want, but you can easily burn money if your offering isn’t direct enough to get them to opt in or leave. There are a ton of videos on how to use Facebook pages to create campaigns. It will take some trial and error to get it figured out. Especially since every niche is different, and you may have to work a bit to find out exactly what demographic you need to make the most conversions.

Outsource some help.

For getting help marketing and sending traffic to your Facebook page, you can use Fiverr. I really cannot stress enough about how affordable their services is, and what an impact a few dollars can make in the long run. Spend $10 or $20 on getting back-links and social bookmarks for your Facebook page. This will create a funnel to get traffic to your website, and ultimately to your offering.

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