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You can’t be in business and go through the process of investing in yourself without hearing about Tony Robins. He has a charisma, and understanding of how to unlock the potential with in people.

I have personally read several of his books, and listened to even more of his programs. If you are interested in what programs he has, you can find more information here at his site.

Tony’s Books:

Of the many books he has written, one of the first ones I would recommend especially to those who are just thinking about or are just getting started as an Entrepreneur is Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within“. This covers a broad set of topics, and really breaks down into bits on how to create a success driven machine.

Another Great book by Tony Robbins is “Money Master the Game“. This is more specific to financial freedom and really laser focused on how to get there.

Not totally sold that you can seriously be very successful? Well, I recommend checking out “Unlimited Power” by Tony Robbins. It really gets into the science of personal achievement, and the power of belief.

Tony’s Programs:

For those who just can’t go to a live event, and you really want more than what a book can get you, Tony Robbins offers several programs to jump start you business career.

One of his best programs is on time management. Time is the most valuable resource we have, in Tony’s program RPM Life Management System, Tony breaks it down and helps you get organized.  Designed to squeeze the most out of every moment of the day.

For programs on the go, I recommend Tony Robbins App called Breakthrough. Click here to learn more and get Tony right in your pocket.

Tony Robbins released a program called “Money Masters“. In order to attain true financial success, here is the blueprint to get you there.

Tony Robbins has now released several programs designed with the busy and mobile entrepreneur. Each, are powerhouses of information. To get the best Tony has to offer at your fingertips on demand, this is for you. Check out his website here.

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