creating urgency in sales

Four Tips for Creating Urgency In Sales

Four Tips for Creating Urgency In Sales.

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Creating Urgency in sales starts with your offering.

Creating urgency in sales requires a mix of ingredients that put a buyer in a position to make a purchase now. These are:

  1. Clarity – making sure your offering is crystal clear.
  2. Relevance – make sure that your offering is relevant to your buyer.
  3. Minus Distraction – Keep your content to the point, and eliminate a bunch of options.
  4. Minus Anxiety – Many buyers are anxious about separating with their hard earned cash. You have to give them that peace of mind.
  5. Minus indecision – indecision is because the buyer still has some objections. Online, you have to overcome objections without actually having a conversation. This comes with structuring your content to overcome the most common objections you get. This will take a bit of research, and even some surveys. Finding out why someone visits your site but walks away without buying is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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Unlike a sales person who is on the phone or in person, who has an advantage in that they can read a customer’s facial expressions, body language, or tone of voice in order to ask questions and lead the conversations, a website is static. How then, do you get visitors to your site to actually buy something?

Here are four tips to meet the five ingredients in creating urgency in sales, and convince your potential customers to by now.

Here is a good book for more in depth information.

  1. Create limited time offers

By creating a limited time offer, this helps create urgency to buy to those who are kicking the tires and those who actually want to buy whatever it is you are selling. When people come to your site, make sure that your content is crystal clear on the value of your product / service.

Have a countdown timer. Make sure it is short. There are Plugins that allow you to take actions after the countdown has expired.

  1. Use laser focused marketing and advertising

Combine this with creating relevance to those visitors in your content and make it clear that if they act now, what the benefits would be over waiting until even an hour from now. Depending on your business, that can range from price increase coming, to possible health risks (if you are in a health niche).

  1. Throw in a free e-book or value information if they act now.

If you dangle a carrot in front of your customers (make sure that carrot provides value) and make it clear that if they leave now, that additional value goes away. Your visitors will be more likely to buy if they know they will get a significant value out of it.

  1. Add other incentives.

Nothing says value like free extras. Maybe add in a free month of membership / subscription, or some free additional tips. Anything that they can only get if they buy right now. This will help get the fence sitters or the tightwads off of center, and actually move them to buy now.

To sum up our four tips on creating urgency in sales:

There is no magic bullet to win over 100% of your visitors. However, you can increase your chances. By adding in an urgency factor, buyers are more likely to buy now than if you had just a shopping page or article with an open door.

Combine these tips with targeted marketing and advertising, and your conversion rate will skyrocket. Though nothing is guaranteed. You only improve the odds.

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