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Success isn’t a competition – 5 Steps to Success

5 Steps to Success

Seeing other people finding success is awesome. It should motivate us. After all, if they are succeeding, why can’t you?

You should never see others succeeding as a bad thing. It just shows you what is possible, and you find success too if you are ambitious enough to seek it.

Step 1. : Set your goals.

Choosing a destination is key to any kind of success. Knowing where you are going is they only way to increase your chances of getting there. I talk about goal setting in my post here. There is also several books on the subject by some of the worlds most influential people in the Entrepreneurial world. People like Brian Tracy, and his book on goals called “Bulls-eye” give you detailed instructions on not only how to set goals, and break them down, but also how to achieve them.

Step 2. :Get your mind right.

Mindset is another cornerstone to success. Without the right mindset, it will be impossible for you to get to your goals. Entrepreneurship is hard. The grind is called the grind for a reason. Without the proper mindset, you will not be prepared to deal with the hardships, struggles, failures, and piles of monotonous tasks that will come your way in the beginning. See my post on mindset here.

Step 3.: Build Good Habits

Building the right group of habits is yet another key to success. Every successful person has a set of habits that help them stay on top of their game. Building good habits, and dropping bad ones should be one of the very first things you need to do.  In the book “The Power of Habit” you can see why our habits define what we do, and how we respond to outside influence. I talk about habits and discipline in depth here. If you are remotely serious, then take the time to develop those good habits.

Step 4.: Invest in yourself

Success doesn’t just fall from the sky. Information, skills, and experience don’t just jump into your head. You have to learn these things. Acquire the skill-set needed to achieve your goals. Learn from others who have already been through the fire. Most of the time, that means you either need to hire them, or buy their programs or books. All of which will pay off big time in the future as you inch closer and closer to your goals. In the book “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” the author talks about putting 10% of everything you earn into investing in yourself.

Step 5.: Get to work.

Success is lastly about action. You can have a map, your destination, a route chosen, and a fueled up car to get there, but if you don’t get behind the wheel, you won’t go anywhere. Many times, you will have to go and fail a lot as you figure it out. Experiment with different things until what you are doing starts to click. Join a club or community of like minded people, and pick their brains. They may have ideas, and many are willing to share their experience.  In any case, get your gladiator gear and get ready to fight. In Darren Hardy’s book “The Compound Effect” as you work, and start finding success, it will be easier to stay on top. He uses the analogy of manually pumping from a water well. Once you finally get the water out, it becomes easier to keep it there. It’s all about building momentum.

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