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Mentor – Why you need one, and how to find them.


What is a mentor?

Well, putting it plainly, a mentor is someone who is further along the road than you who helps guide you and teach you what you need to know to get where he/she is. The question is, “Why do I need a mentor?” Well, no matter how good the idea, or what you want to do, there are a lot of people who have already gone through the struggles, and disappointments that are more than willing to help mentor others to avoid the same mistakes and problems. These people are not just armed with information, but with the experience you don’t.

Put it in Perspective.

Let’s look at this another way. What resources do we have? Money (or lack thereof), experience, and time. Of all the resources we have, the most valuable is time. It is the one limiting force that no man can get more of. So how does a mentor play into this? A mentor can compress the time it takes to go from zero to success. A mentor can literally shave off years of struggle. Not to say they will do the work for you, but more can help you avoid the pitfalls, and bolster your lack of experience with theirs.

How to find a mentor.

If you were to just blindly search Google online, you would find tons of mentors. However, many of them are not cheap. So, you need to know what resources you have. I have followed The Mastermind Group with Coach Giani. His group focuses on two mainstream business models. Affiliate marketing, and making money as a drop shipper on Amazon. Unless you are willing to pay the $5K price tag for his top tier training and coaching, you will be paired with (depending on what you can pay) another member of his team. This isn’t a bad thing. Knowing where you are, and starting on a smaller scale, their system is designed to help you scale up as time goes on. Then there is master mentors and development leaders like Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy, and Tony Robbins to name a few. Their mentor programs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Worth every penny no doubt, but most entrepreneurs just starting out usually have very little resources at their disposal, and haven’t quite learned how to be resourceful enough to find the needed capitol.

What If I can’t Afford a high cost mentor?

Are resources tight? You really want a mentor but don’t know what to do? A site I discovered while reading “The Power of Broke” by Shark Tank Mogul Daymond John is MicroMentor. Micromentor is a site that matches you up with a mentor based upon a pretty extensive set of questions. These mentors volunteer their time to help you. Keep in mind, these mentors have lives, and it won’t be the same amount of time investment on their part as it would be for a paid mentor. The last means is, if you start attending local entrepreneurial events, you are bound to make connections with other people who have already established businesses, and would love to take someone under their wing to help them achieve success. However, please, if you do any of these things, don’t waste their time. Be committed to yourself, and to them. Be up front with where you are, and where you are going. What you have done, and what struggles you are facing. Don’t sugar coat anything, and be transparent. You will not only hurt yourself in your endeavors, but you could potentially waste an opportunity to work with a mentor who really wants you to succeed in life.

Bottom Line?

No excuses. You now are armed with everything you need to find someone to help you. Go get it!

Gladiator on!


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