Goal Setting

Goal Setting – Intro to Goal Setting

Goal Setting

So, you want to start a business, but you have no idea what to do. You have no resources at the moment, and you feel stuck. Or maybe you have resources, but no clue what you could do to make you money. Well, to help figure out what that is, you need some goals. goal setting is the GPS to our lives. It is the best way to achieve success in every aspect of your life. Whether it’s relationship, financial, business, personal, or for pleasure, goals are the cornerstone to getting what we want.

Below is a guide on setting goals.

  1. Write down each goal:When you begin to brainstorm on your goals, just write it all down. What do you like to do in your spare time? What would you do with your time if money wasn’t an problem? Who would you like to hang out with? What are your family goals? Where do you want to live? My recommendation as far as keeping track of all the various goals you write down is an app called “Evernote”. It’s perfect for large dumping of ideas which you can later organize. Best of all, the basic version is free.
  2. Life goal:Set a life goal that is is big as you can see, but make it reachable. Borderline impossible. It is often lovingly referred to as your “BHAG” Big Harry Ass Goal. This is your pinnacle achievement. However, the good and bad of this, is this will change as you grow and create success.
  3. Organize: Look through your list, and put in how much time per week you would need or like to put towards achieving each goal. Now add up the time. There are exactly 168 hours in a week. Figure in 56 hours for sleep, 21 hours for eating, 8 hours for going to the restroom, plus if you work a job, add in the time on the clock and commute time, and whatever amount of time you have to family commitments, clubs etc. What’s left is what you have to work on goals. So, time to start narrowing it down to a daily goal. More importantly, a daily goal that will best push you towards your life goal. Whatever that is.
  4. Get to work on each goal: Spend your allotted time without fail on your goals every day. Commit, and go get it. No matter how hard it gets. Make it a priority. The sacrifices now, will pay off in the end as you become that person whom you’ve dreamed of becoming.
  5. Review your goals daily: Make several prints of your goals. Put one next to your bed. One on the fridge. On the wall in your living room. on the walls or mirrors in your bathrooms. Read them as often as possible. Speak them allowed. Review them before bed, and when you first wake up.
  6. Make adjustments: At least once a month, you should review your goals to make sure your priorities are still the same. As you learn and grow, what was important a month ago, may not be as important as now. Maybe a goal you thought would get you closer to your BHAG, is actually putting you further away.

If you follow these tips, and checkout Youtube and my favorite Audible for other resources on Goal setting, you will be a goal setting master in no time.

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Thank you, and Gladiator on.