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Simple steps to Get Your Online Business Started.

Tips on dealing with the Struggle to Get Your Online Business Started?

Well if you are struggling to get your online business started, here is some simple (yet yet not necessarily fast) steps to get you going at full steam ahead. When I started this blog, it was because as I was trying to decide on a business to build, I was really struggling to find something that I loved, and could build from nothing. I have a business to business sales job, and have a lot of experience in that industry, but I really wanted to get out there on my own and create the life I’ve always wanted.

I have three kiddos, and my oldest will be going to college soon. I’m also divorced from their mother, so obviously i am paying child support. Which I don’t mind. After all, it is about giving them the best life possible. The downside, is living off of forty percent of your income is rough. SO, what is the answer? Well, build an empire right? Well, where do you start? I decided to make this blog our of sheer frustration with not finding a site that really put things together for me in one place.

Getting help:

Most sites are really vague and force you to purchase their programs with little information. This is not helpful when you are trying to get your online business started. Those programs tend to run in the thousands of dollars, so, of course most are unable to do that out of the gate. I have figured out that outsourcing is actually relatively inexpensive. I have become a huge fan of Fiverr. Very reasonable pricing to handle a lot of the time consuming or technical things you still lack. Therefore allowing you to continue to move forward while you get your online business started.

Gurus and Coaches

I want to make sure I am clear that it isn’t that I don’t think those guru’s are worth it. In fact, many I am positive are worth every penny. As I build, I intend to just keep scaling my business (minus taxes of course) and go through their bigger programs as I can afford them. Rinse and repeat until I have built up to where I want to be. When I look at people like Bryan Tracy , Tony Robbins, & Grant Cardone, I know they are worth their weight in gold as far as that they build leaders, and success. This is of course the short list.

There are others who have specific programs and software to teach you specific business building strategies to copy their business model. Keep in mind that many can cost thousands of dollars to get access to their knowledge. Even then, if you don’t put in the work, you can’t hope to make it. However, if you are just trying to get your online business started, the addition of a mentor could help you. is a free service, but you should have a good idea where you are going before you reach out. A step up, are those coaches who are a few steps ahead of you. I found a very reasonably priced coach whom I have decided to take on. If you want to know more about him, you can do your own research here.


A major key in order to get your online business started, is the research. It’s not the most glamorous part of the process, but it is vital to being successful. Take the time to research what it is you want to do, and learn what skills you will need to accomplish it. You should still take action as you go, or you will be forever learning, and never doing.

To get your online business started, stay focused on your goals.  What you focus on researching will evolve as you learn, so stay flexible. You will find what your costs are going to be as you go. About how will you make money? How long does it take before you can start to expect any kind of return on your investment? In what way should you structure your business? What can you outsource? Are there skills you need to learn to accomplish your goals? All of these factors work against your goals.

Watch lots of videos.

To get access to the research you need get your online business started, the internet is an absolutely priceless resource. Youtube being forefront to that. No matter what your subject matter is, someone has a video about it. If you are looking to be the next Youtube star, for example, there are lots of videos about how to do it. Look at what other people are doing, and think about how you can improve upon it. figure out what you can do to stand above everyone else trying to do similar things.

Read, Read, Read:

In order to get your online business started, you have to become the person who lives that life you want. This is where you can get the most bang for your buck. If you join Audible, you can get a book every month. In many cases the books are more expensive than the subscription. I love to listen through the books while out walking, or driving to the office or appointments.

I have a list of books and programs, and will be continually updating them as I go. Click here to see what I have listed out. Build your library, and learn from the masters. Every successful person invests in themselves every day. For more on that, you should totally read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. If you don’t think this stuff is for you, then I can tell you exactly why you are struggling getting started

Struggle is part of the process:

The truth is, struggle is part of the process for those who wants to get your online business started. For those who have already gone through all the learning, trials and errors, they have developed a process, and know the ropes. So, when you hear about people who get started and are making a lot right off the bat, are those who have either done all the grunt work already, or have a lot of resources at their disposal.

Just keep trudging on, and keep working at it. It will happen. Believe it and live it. So many people give up when things get rough. Or you’ve done everything so and so told you, and you still aren’t getting results, just be patient. If people need what you are offering, eventually, all the hard work and pain will be worth it.

However, if you really believe you can be successful, and are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sold on it, then the struggle, and the pain, and the frustrations are just part of that journey. Stick it out. Don’t fold. Work the problem. Go for a walk, or hit the gym. Don’t let the struggle get in the way.

You will get there. Believe in yourself. No one can make you feel anything. You are in complete control. Just put your head down, roll up your sleeves, and push forward. Be patient. Read Darren Hardy’s Compound Effect. Great book on how to work on making small changes over time for big results. I wish you great success.

Make A Website:

I know this seems pretty straight forward, but the only way to really get your online business started is to have an online presence. You need a website. While learning how to make them and figure them out, free web hosting like or . Just get your feet wet. Learn how everything works. If you think you are ready for the main event, then I would definitely do private hosting. You can get it very cheap for the first year, and many will give you a free domain to start. I recommend either Host Gator or 1&1 simply because of their guaranteed uptime, and ease of use. There is lots of information on Web Hosting here.

Gladiator on!

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