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20/09/2017 4:57 pm  

Greetings fellow gladiators! My name is Chris Myers, and I built this site to help connect entrepreneurs and business opportunities together in one place. As with anything new, it will take some time to get traction, but as it does, and traffic increases over time, I expect this site to continue to grow.

If you want to post or comment, just join and become a fellow gladiator. It's free (for now) If you are a business owner, this is a great place to pick the brains of other business owners, and see what all the opportunities are in today's marketplace. 

I look forward to seeing what is going on in the Entrepreneurial Colosseum, and reading about your success.

If you are new or thinking about being an entrepreneur or small business owner (whatever gets you out of your 9-5) then reed through my posts. I have a lot of information you can get, and I give you access to some of the greatest personal development coaches on the planet.

If there is a main topic you would like to see, feel free to ask for it. I will add it.

Gladiator on!