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Dream Big! – Big Dreams

Dream Big!

In the time in which we live, and throughout the world, there is no better time than right now to dream big. It is especially true if you live in the US.

What do I mean by dream big?

Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal, Space X, Tesla, and Solar X, has a bigger dream. What is that you might ask? Why to put a colony on Mars in his lifetime of course. Every business venture he dives into is a means to that end. If you take a minute and contemplate the various technologies that we would need to develop to even make something like that possible. Then consider the implications here at home.

Basically you have to make the most inhospitable environment friendly to us. Which means clean recycled water. Unlimited clean power. There is no oil on Mars, so everything must me produced alternatively. New ways to produce food, and medicine. We have to convert the existing atmosphere into breathable air. The list goes on. A big dream is a dream that can change the face of the planet, and improve life on a grand scale.

Most Dream Mediocre.

A lot of people say they dream big, but the truth is, most people dream pretty small. The dream to a level they think they can achieve. Like spinning rims or a clothing line. Sure, those things can surely make you gobs of money. The question is, what impact will those things have when they are no longer popular? Or after you are dead and gone. These people have to constantly find new ideas to keep their income flowing.

Let your Dreams Evolve:

Dream big to the edge of you imagination. Then push to achieve them. Set goals. See more about that here. Make a plan, and go after it. As you begin to realize your dreams, don’t stop dreaming. You will start down the road, and then suddenly more ideas will pop up, and your dream will get bigger. However, finish the goal you set, then go after the next. It is easy to spread yourself thin and not accomplish anything at all. This is where writing everything down, reviewing your goals daily, and being disciplined comes into play. I highly recommend Brian Tracy’s program on Goal Setting  and his book called “Bulls-eye” on how to make that manageable. You can also see all he has to offer in books and programs here.

Don’t let anyone snuff your dreams:

The crazier the dream, the more people will try to dissuade you from them. When you dream big, the average person will not buy into it. Why? Well our psychology says that we need to protect ourselves by staying with what is familiar, and normal. If anything falls outside of that, people will reject it outright. Read more about that in “The Power of Habit“.  It is why we must work into our dreams. Break it up into smaller bites, and gradually ease everyone into it.

It is why investors want “proof of concept”. They want to see if your dream is even physically possible. Though in reality, that is relative to each persons knowledge. For example, building a nuclear reactor is way beyond my understanding. To a nuclear physicist it is not. Don’t let what others don’t understand impede what you can do. Even if you don’t know how to do something, chances are, there is someone out there who does, but lacks the creativity to come up with your dream. Create a partnership with those who have the strengths you lack. So don’t hold back and dream big!

Get some help

Let’s face it, you have limited time, and you are probably on a tight budget in the beginning. I will tell you, i am so thankful I ran across Fiverr. I have been able to outsource many things I lake the skills or time to do for a very reasonable price. Fiverr has become my partner in this endeavor. If you want to dream big, then you better be ready to play big. Start small, and take it in chunks, but give it everything you have.

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