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Helpful tips on Choosing Web Hosting

Choosing Web Hosting Tips

When choosing web hosting services, it can seem overwhelming with all the information floating around the web as to which is the best. The reality is, most of them are good. Here are some tips as to what to look for when choosing web hosting services.

Tip One: Understanding the types of Web Hosting.

Types of web hosting services.

  1. Free Web Hosting: These sites are mainly for use for those in school, have a volunteer organization, church groups, individual blogs. If you are looking at web hosting for a business, I highly recommend your stay away from these types of hosting.
  2. Blog, WordPress and other blog sites: These sites off very low cost blogging web sites. However, you will be limited in storage, bandwidth, and they do not have programs to scale up as your business grows. Great for beginners, but you will need to be careful using these sites as your business grows, and plan for having to eventually migrate over to private hosting at some point. If you are thinking about a blog, then you might be interested in my article on starting a blog.
  3. Private hosting: These sites are usually shared server sites. Here you share server space with other sites. This is the majority of webmasters out there. These hosting sites are the most cost efficient. These are sites like HostGator , 1&1 Hosting, and Hosting 24. They all have introductory plans, live customer service, no ads, and are fully scalable. In addition, they all allow you to have multiple domains under a single account.
  4. Dedicated Servers: This is for commercial level companies. Wen you are choosing web hosting services, a dedicated server is more for commercial and or corporate level usage. You generally get a lot of bandwidth, and all the space of the server,  and you pay the premium for that. You only need this if you are looking to have a huge amount of data.

Choosing web hosting services based on need.

  1. When choosing your web hosting, make sure they have a plan that can not only fit your current need, but have packages that allow you to grow as your business grows.
  2. Take the time when choosing we hosting services to read the reviews. Focus on uptime, customer service, and tech support. Time is money, and you don’t want to be the one who can’t get their site together.
  3. Lastly Look for compatibility with WordPress, and if they have a website builder. This is especially important if you are not a web programmer. If you are a developer, make sure they have easy tools to do what you need.

List of Reputable Hosting services.

HostGator – Has great intro plans with unlimited domains under the same account. They have coupon codes to knock a lot off the price of your first month.

1&1 Hosting – They also have great pricing, and great upgrade plans. They also have amazing customer service, and reviews.

Hosting24They have unlimited storage space. Comes with a free domain, and have 3 packages to choose from. Also have 99.9% uptime, and the tools to get your site off the ground.

I am constantly reviewing and updating my posts. Please let me know if any of my information was helpful, or if there is something you would like to see.

Thank you and Gladiator On!