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Brian Tracy has been a big influence on me for many years now. He has written over 70 books, has a ton of training programs, and is probably one of the best know coaches out there. I have personally read several of his books, and will basically go over each of the ones I have read thus far.

I had an audio program from Brian Tracy back in 2002, but my heart wasn’t completely in it back then, but since 2016, I have been immersed into the self development world again. So far I have read his “Focal Point“, “Eat that Frog“, and “Bull’s-Eye“. So, I have a long way to go to get all of his books in. That said, I think these three I even knew about as they were referenced by other authors as being cornerstone keys to having a successful foundation. Now my personal preference is of course Audible. However, feel free to get whatever format you want. The knowledge is whats important.

High Performance Selling
High Performance Selling by Brian Tracy.

Learn to be the best from the best. This is Brian Tracy’s guide to getting the most out of sales.

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Focal Point:

Focal point is one of my favorites from Brian Tracy in that it really digs deep into figuring out what is most important, and focusing on that one thing. In our world of modern conveniences, it is easy to get so distracted. Text messages, emails, phone calls, updates on your favorite sports team, there is really no end to it. This book really helps you cut out the noise. Basically, figure out what will make the biggest impact to your life or business, and focus on that until it is mastered. Whether it is a task, skill, or habit you need to take care of, this book helps you figure it out.

Success Mastery AcademySuccess Mastery Academy by Brian Tracy.

The compact, everything you need, super success power house program.

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Eat that Frog:

Have a task you are putting off doing because it’s boring or mundane? Maybe it’s hard and you feel it will suck the life out of you, but it has to be done at some point. This book will help you get those things done. Well, if you pay attention, learn, and apply what he has to say in any case. Brian Tracy doesn’t sugar coat anything. However, Brian Tracy does give you a lot of mental exercises you can master with practice. After all, all successful people have to grind. It is just part of the process.

Bull’s Eye:

Brian Tracy’s guide to setting goals. You have to see the target if you are ever to hit it. From there you have to perfect your aim, and with effort and planning, you will hit your mark. This is one of several books on goal setting that I love. Again, Brian Tracy does not beat around the bush or coddles his audience. It is no nonsense straight talk. On a side note, the Audible versions of any book, generally have extras in the audio program you won’t get in the paper back. Goal setting is also a true foundation building element.


Over time I will continue to add content to this post as I read more of his books and go through his programs. If you are a Brian Tracy fan as well, and have other books you want to write about, send me a message, and I can set you up as a guest blogger. After all, I set this up to be a help to everyone. If posting here will help you, let me know.

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