affiliate marketing using shopify

Affiliate Marketing Using Shopify

Affiliate Marketing Using Shopify :

In a world that has been largely dominated by Amazon, there are other ways in which you can do eCommerce online. Shopify is one of those platforms. If you don’t manufacture a product yourself, and are interested in dropshipping instead, or are already doing so, then consider doing your affiliate marketing using Shopify.


Why choose Shopify over other E-commerce options ?

There are many reasons to use Shopify over other E-commerce options, but I will give you the top 3.

  1. You get the customer. When doing affiliate marketing using Shopify, you get to capture email addresses of oall your customers, to allow you to build that all important relationship between you and them. Keep them coming back to you over just a sea of vendors on Amazon, and not be able to build the relationships you really want.
  2. You get Shopify’s customer power base. Meaning, customers know Shopify is a ;legitimate site that has vetted their vendors. Your customers can buy from you with confidence, because of the screening Shopify does.
  3. Ease of Automation. There are several automated software packages out there to help you with fulfilling orders with your dropship vendors. There is software out there than can keep your inventories current, and help keep your reviews top notch.
  4. Great customer service for sellers, and less restrictive than Amazon.

affiliate marketing using shopify

Time is your most valuable resource when affiliate marketing using Shopify .

The one thing you can never get back is time. As a budding or veteran entrepreneur, your worst enemy is time. The only way to make more time is to delegate or outsource. When you are first getting started, depending on your resources, you may have very limited options.

Looking for ways to save time, and make the processes more efficient, is usually about the only options you have. There are a fer ways to achieve this.

  1. Use third party automated software. When affiliate marketing using Shopify, you have the option to find affordable third party software. This can be an obvious huge advantage over other platforms, as it costs money to build your own software.
  2. Using Fiverr to get help with marketing your site. No point in having a great store if no one knows about it. Get everything from Logo’s to SEO and everything in between.
  3. Out source fulfillment. Another opportunity you have is is finding very inexpensive outsourcing through various networks

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Of course once you get all that up and running, you need traffic. I highly recommend outsourcing that part. Between paid advertising on your own, websites like Fiverr offer affordable outsourcing for your monotonous tasks where your time would be much better spent working on your store.

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