Affiliate Marketing Strategies With Amazon Associates

Affiliate Marketing Strategies With Amazon Associates

Affiliate Marketing Strategies With Amazon Associates:

As much as I love to blog about my journey and looking for opportunities that work, I also need to pay for this site to stay active. As a result, as I find products or materials that I use or work well for the subjects of my posts, I have become an affiliate for many of them. Including Amazon. Which means, I may make a little bit off everything you buy linked from this site. Nothing sold here will make me rich, but helps to pay the upkeep costs and I can keep bringing you content.

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is a unique affiliate system which offers a commission for purchases by traffic driven by an affiliate. Basically, it is a reinforcement of products you can offer in your chosen Niche to increase your income. This article will give you some helpful affiliate marketing strategies using Amazon Associates.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies 101:

To better understand how Amazon Associates can better broaden your niche sales, you must first understand the concept of Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is creating customers for products and services that the Affiliate themselves does not provide.

For Example: Let’s say you have a website on the latest Kindle Fire that you love, and reviewed on your blog or YouTube channel. You can create an affiliate link to Amazon for that product, without requiring you to have a fat stack of Kindles in your living room.

This of course works for all Affiliate networks out there. However, Amazon Associates is unique compared to most Affiliate networks. In most affiliate networks, you find a Niche, pick a product, create a Landing page (or Squeeze Page), and then drive traffic from there to the product page. See more on Affiliate Marketing here.

Amazon Associates:

Amazon Associates however, will not approve you if that is all you have. To work with Amazon, you need lots of original content, and the Amazon products can’t be the focus of your site. There are some exceptions with Shopify, and drop shipping using Amazon. However, for the purpose of this article, I am focusing on affiliate marketing strategies using Amazon Associates in a Blog environment.

Now, Amazon is also a small commission percentage compared to other Affiliate offers. This is why it is good as an addition to other streams of income. Some people do really well with just Amazon Associates, so it will really depend on where you decide to put your focus and energy.

More to the Point:

Amazon Associates makes a lot of sense for relating products to your niche. For me, I offer a lot of books, and products related to being and becoming a successful Entrepreneur. Since I don’t carry the products, Amazon Associates gives me that inventory. Plus Amazon is extremely reputable, and many people shop there anyway.

Another of the affiliate marketing strategies utilized by Amazon Associates is, if your visitor doesn’t buy whatever product that is directly related to your link, but decides to buy something else, or buys your product and some other things, you get the commission off of the entire sale. So small things can lead to bigger things.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies with Amazon Associates

What you Need to utilize Amazon Associates:

  1. A website with good content. Don’t have one, 1&1 Web Hosting, or Host Gator are great hosting sites and both offer WordPress.  For more on Web Hosting, see my article on the subject here.
  2. To go with that, you need a niche. I have an entire article addressing how to choose one of those here.
  3. Make sure you have several Articles on your niche. If you need some inexpensive help, you can use Fiverr to get quality articles written for you for a very reasonable price. They can also help with SEO, Traffic, Logo’s, and even Web Design for as little as $5 per transaction.
  4. Once you are at this point you can apply to Amazon Associates using this link. They will give you step by step instructions on how to get approved. The approval process can take a few days. Also (from personal experience) make sure that your entire site is open to the public. Don’t do any membership only at this point. Because Amazon will not join your membership, and if they can’t see your content, you will be rejected.
  5. Once approved, it is time to pick products from your niche. You can mix in Amazon products with your other Affiliate products, but try to only focus on a couple per post.
  6. You can also use Native Ads which works kind of like google adsense in that the link shows products based on the viewers interests, and may not be related to your post at all. If you use Native ads, I recommend inserting them in the bottom of your post.

I have Amazon Associates all set up, now what?

Well, now, you need to get traffic to Amazon. Preferably buyer traffic. If you promote a page on, say “how to turn your home into a smart home using these amazing gadgets”. Or something like that, you would then type in products like Alexa and smart plugs.  Use graphics and maybe a product video to help showcase the products you need to have the smartest home on the block.

Remember, your article is about your niche, the Amazon product is an answer to the problem you are addressing in your blog. In this case how to deal with stupid homes. Just keep it simple and to the point.

Once all that is set up, there are many ways to get the buyers to your site.

  1. You can purchase traffic through Adwords, Facebook, and Fiverr.
  2. You can also work really hard on free traffic sources. Though keep in mind, a lot of the free traffic is not necessarily buyer traffic, or good traffic.
  3. Work constantly on SEO. If you have a blog that you intend to keep around for a while, then one of the greatest sources of free traffic comes from search engine traffic.

SO, depending on the quality of traffic you get, and the quantity of those that click on a link and then more onto those that actually buy something, the amount of money you can potentially make is into the thousands a week. However, that is usually when you get to over 100,000 people on your site daily.

The potential is there, you just have to marry a high converting niche, product, and have an awesome page. Then get the right people in front of the offer.

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