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Tips for Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy With These Tips:

As much as I love to blog about my journey and looking for opportunities that work, I also need to pay for this site to stay active. As a result, as I find products or materials that I use or work well for the subjects of my posts, I have become an affiliate for many of them. Including Amazon. Which means, I may make a little bit off everything you buy linked from this site. Nothing sold here will make me rich, but helps to pay the upkeep costs and I can keep bringing you content.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money. Especially with a low start up cost compared to many online businesses. If you want affiliate marketing made easy, then read on.

affiliate marketing made easyWhat is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is promoting products and services from another company.

These companies then pay you a commission for every sale you make. They do this by assigning a user specific link for each Affiliate to place on your page. Each person who then clicks on your link and subsequently makes a purchase, generates a sale that is linked you your id.

Picking a Niche.

In order to have your affiliate marketing made easy, you have to laser focus down on a niche.

To help you figure out how to pick a niche, I have an article on that very subject. Though it was written with a blog in mind, the process, and basis stay the same. Just click the link to read on that. Don’t skip over that step. It is probably your most vital decision to make.

You don’t want to pour hundreds of hours into a niche, only to realize later, that isn’t really the niche you want to focus on.

Affiliate Marketing Companies:

Depending on your Niche, there are several affiliate networking sites out there to choose from. You can’t have your affiliate marketing made easy without a product to market.

If you are a health an wellness person, I recommend Here you can find a ton of products from diet to general health.

A real popular site for digital products such as e-books on everything, and has been around for a long time is ClickBank. If you do, you can bolster your pages with ClickBank health ebooks.

CJ Affiliates – Used to be Commission Junction. Here you will find more mainstream labels. Everything from web hosting to tv based apparel and costumes. Whatever your niche, CJ Affiliates offers a wide variety of products that can be distributed world wide.

Most mainstream stores have Affiliate programs as well. Though I should note, that most of then offer a very low commission rate. These include Target, Walmart, Radio Shack, Home Depot and the list goes on. I would only add them in if you already have a strong presence in other products that you are advertising. Just use their products as a bolster.

Amazon and Google Adsense: Affilliate Marketing Made Easy

I’m putting these two in a separate category for one simple reason. Neither will approve you if you have a small website or a pure advertising site. You have to have a blog with content, or several similar posts with written content. Most of the others allow just for target marketing pages, squeeze pages, etc. Google and Amazon do not.

Amazon Associates:

if you want to talk about affiliate marketing made easy, Amazon has a great program once you get approved. What’s so great about it, (even with low commissions), if someone clicks a link from your page, and buys anything, you get the commission. Even if it wasn’t the product you were promoting. Plus they have pretty much anything under the sun, and highly trusted.

Google Adsense:

You really won’t make much on Adsense. It’s a nice little bit of extra income to catch something off of any traffic you can get. The nice thing about it, is that it’s purely passive, and you get paid per click. Even if no one buys anything. However, you are only looking at 1 or 2 pennies per click. So, until you are getting 100 to 200 thousand visitors to your site every day, it isn’t likely you can retire using Adsense. However, every penny counts, so if you have a blog, then I recommend adding it in.

Keep it Simple.

If you are thinking about using affiliate products for a shopify store, I would rather recommend just using either squeeze pages or a blog site for these. You can also use Youtube as a platform for Affiliate marketing. Whatever your choice, make sure they fall in with your goals.

Let me know how you do. If you want some affordable coaching ideas, I am using The Deadbeat Affiliate program. If you think you need a mentor, see my article here.


For a great article on choosing a web hosting company, you should check out my article here.

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