About US

About Us:

Well, it is just me. (For now) I’ve been in public relations, customer service, and business to business sales. Always working for a company. Since I’ve been in sales, we were encouraged to invest in our personal growth. So, in 2016, I asked a friend of mine who went from being an airline pilot to being an Entrepreneur himself, where I should start. I went through my first book, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, and that was it. I was bitten by the bug. I knew if I wanted to live the life I’ve always wanted, I would need to get into business for myself.

The trick was…How? How do I go from Paycheck to paycheck to being able to fire my boss? Well, there is no easy answer. After a year of struggling, learning, and trying to get over the wall, I decided to blog about my struggles. I then decided to share with you all I’ve learned, what you can expect in costs, and who to turn to for guidance. I’m not the millionaire yet. I also will not get into the quick fixes

Get what you need:

This site is designed to be a place of community, and resources to help you not only get started, but thrive. I won’t be the one pushing a particular program or selling you on any one “sure thing”. Here I am not the coach. Just a fellow traveler on the journey to success. I only want to pay it forward all the things I have learned. I also want to offer you access to all the resources you need to get started. Regardless of what business model you want to build.

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