Engine or Anchor – Pushing for Success

Engine or Anchor

Are you an engine or anchor? We are constantly faced with a barrage of decisions we have to make daily. Our attitudes, behaviors, and responses either push us towards our goals or hold us down.
The good news is, we are in complete control of which that is. Once we start becoming aware of our attitude and responses, we can start taking control of them.
The same holds true to the people we associate with. They are either holding you down or they are pushing you towards your goals. There is no in-between. Start today by deciding to take control of your life and push yourself towards your goals.


Understanding what your engines are is one of the two key factors towards success. Between an engine or anchor, strengthening your engines can start the momentum working in your favor. What exactly do I mean by your “engines”? Engines are positive attitudes, habits, or behaviors that push you to grow. The people in your life that encourage you and push you to succeed also fall into the category of Engines. These are the relationships you should seek out and strengthen. Also, be an engine to others. People looking to grow will be seeking you out as well. The stronger your engines, the faster you will grow.


Between an engine or anchor, anchors can be the hardest to find. It would be easy to say that Anchors are all the attitudes, behaviors, and habits holding you in your current predicament. However, some anchors can be difficult to see since they don’t necessarily stand out. For example, comfort, ego, and complacency don’t jump out as negative per se. In fact, they have an allure of relaxation and confidence. The biggest silent ninja anchor is success itself. How easy it is to take a deep breath, let out a big sigh of relief, when you start seeing success, and just let off the gas.  There are also the people in your life that tell you that you are wasting your time, or that they know a guy who knows a guy who failed and lost everything. These people who try to keep the status quo or are outright in your way, are people you need to remove immediately.

Set your sights high and press for the stars.

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